It's been no real secret that Sony is working on a successor to the massively popular PlayStation 4. However, we had no idea when we'd ever hear something about it. It's been six long years, after all, since the PS4 debuted.

It looks like the time has finally come. Word has emerged from the heart of Sony itself (via Wired) about what the PS5 may potentially offer. Keep in mind this is a working title, and the name hasn't been officially confirmed just yet.

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According to PS4 lead system architect Mark Cerny, Sony is bringing 8K graphics, solid state hard drives, and 3D audio. There will also be backwards compatibility with all current PlayStation 4 games. This means you wouldn't have to hold onto your PS4 to play the rest of your games catalog.

The PS5 is poised to include a variety of new and different hardware, like an eight-core CPU based on AMD's Ryzen line and a custom GPU built on AMD's Radeon Navi, which means the console will be able to support a powerful graphical bump called ray-tracing. It's much more impressive than anything you've seen on a console before. And unless you're typically a PC gamer, you probably don't have any idea what it's like. Think impeccably realistic shadows and lighting that look far more striking than anything other consoles have been capable of before.

Replacing the hard drive with an SSD also means that you'll have faster load times and improved gameplay performance. Wired described a demo with Marvel's Spider-Man that took only 0.8 seconds on an early version of the PS5 compared to 15 seconds on a PS4. If that sounds impressive, you haven't seen anything yet. Solid state drives have been important components of PC gaming for some time, so to see them used in consoles will drive improvements for console games considerably.

Sony didn't go into further detail about the console beyond its hardware components or plans for its virtual reality headset PSVR in the future. However, they did make one thing clear: the PS5 will not be out in 2019.

Despite this, developers are already working on PS5 games, so a possible 2020 release could potentially be in the cards. Whenever the PS5 is finally ready to hit store shelves, we can promise you one thing: we're going to be ready.

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