How well do you know the lyrics to Twenty One Pilots’ “Jumpsuit”?
Photo by:Twenty One Pilots/Youtube

We know you folks are dedicated. And we know the majority of you will get 100 percent. This dang song has been barely out for 48 hours, but y’all do not care. You probably sat there and refreshed the video at least 30 times by now. You may even already have an appointment to get the lyrics tattooed on your forehead. Before you go through with that, however, take this quiz below to make sure you know all of the words to Twenty One Pilots’ brand-new song “Jumpsuit.”

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We sure know all of the lyrics, but do you? Test your knowledge of this banger below!

Last July, the band announced that they would be going silent by posting a picture of assorted lyrics and a photo of a closing eye, and today, the band have officially made their return with two new tracks “Jumpsuit” and “Nico And The Niners.”

The band dropped the new tracks earlier this week, which marks the first taste of new music from the band since 2016’s release of their single “Heathens.” The tracks are taken from the band’s forthcoming album Trench, out Oct. 5.

Watch the video for “Jumpsuit” below: