If Daniel Craig were to exit his role as James Bond, his final role in the franchise had to be accompanied by a special villain – Rami Malek.

It looks like Bond 25 has found that villain in the form of Malek, who will be slipping into the movie to "make sure Mr. Bond does not have an easy time of it" in his 25th outing. That means Malek is going to be serving some particularly evil vibes, it sounds like, and we can't wait to see which direction the film's going to go in.

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This is a stark departure from Malek's recent role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, who believes the role is the "perfect follow-up" to the musical biopic.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Malek stated that there were a' few things that have happened in my life the last couple of years" that he could not imagine, when asked if he thought taking on the role of a Bond villain was ever in the cards.

"It's thrilling," he said. "So many generations have grown up with these films," he said, noting that Craig had done an "astounding job" as 007 during his time in the famous suit. This will be the first film in four years since Spectre, so it's high time for a new one, after all.

In addition to Malek, actors like Naomie Harris have come on board, who will be portraying Moneypenny, and Ralph Fiennes, who will appear as M, and Jeffrey Wright as a helpful CIA operative working alongside 007 as seen in the film Quantum of Solace.

There's no concrete release date for the latest Bond flick, but the movie is expected to make its theatrical debut sometime in 2020.

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