Former Paramore guitarist Josh Farro is back, and his latest work should only be compared to his previous band to highlight the drastic differences. His fresh perspective offers a matured sound, dipping into the indie pool with the yearning “ooh-ooh-ooh”’s on “Dear Love” and the dreamy, transcendent title track, which explores hints of pop. “On A Wire” stands out with a perfect pop/rock blend and radio-ready chorus. Traces of alt-rock’s main contenders can be heard on Walkways, from an ’80s rock spin on Coldplay (“Cliffs”), Death Cab For Cutie (the acoustic-driven “Islands”) and a chilled-out closer (“Home”). Had Walkways been released 10 years prior, it definitely wouldn’t have been shocking to spot a Farro poster in Seth Cohen’s room while a track closed out an episode of The O.C.

Self-released http://farro.com

On A Wire