Rezz is here to deliver the goth soundtrack of the summer.

With the release of her new EP, IT'S NOT A PHASE, the Canadian electronic music veteran is stepping into a much darker realm — and one that reaches back and touches her roots. True to the project's title, Rezz is out to prove that her goth influences aren't just a "phase" by combining the alt-rock influences that influenced her while she was young with the electronic music that's made her name. Along the way, she pulls in a few collaborators, including Alice Glass, Silverstein, Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson, Johnny Goth, Grabbitz, MKLA, Raven Gray, and fnksyd.

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To ring in the project’s release, Rezz picked a handful of goth songs that she's been inspired by over the years. Check them out below.

Flyleaf – "All Around Me"

My sister and I loved Flyleaf growing up. I was 10 and she was 11 years old at the time, and that’s when we got into their music. We bonded over listening to Flyleaf together, and it was just a mutual love. This was one of my favorites because I loved everything about this song: the vibe, vocals, and instrumental. I’m obsessed.

Flyleaf – "I’m So Sick"

I love this song to this day. I’m so obsessed with the vibe, her voice, and the melody. Everything about Flyleaf’s music I really love. It’s definitely one of my favorite bands growing up.  

My Chemical Romance – "Helena"

My Chemical Romance is one of the first bands that I was literally so obsessed with. Everything about this album was a staple of my childhood. I would listen to it on repeat on my MP3 player. "Helena" really stood out to me and was one of my favorites on the album. I loved what it sounded like and still love it to this day.

Bring Me The Horizon – "Happy Song"

I saw Bring Me The Horizon live for the first time at Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans. I had some free time, and I wanted to watch them live, so I went with my tour manager to catch their set. Once they performed "Happy Song," I was instantly obsessed with the song. I’ve always been a fan of Bring Me The Horizon since I was 11 or 12 years old, but at this point, I became a hardcore fan.

AFI – "Miss Murder"

This song is very nostalgic for me. I remember seeing the music video on MuchMusic. They would always play the music video on MuchMusic, and I always thought it was an addicting video to watch along with the song. To this day, I still remember everything about that music video. It’s just so good.

Green Day – "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Green Day was the first band I ever loved, and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is just such a classic. Billie Joe Armstrong’s look was so cool to me. His stage presence is effortless, the way the whole band dressed in red and black, which were my favorite colors, and their overall aesthetic really made me admire them.  

Paramore – "Decode"

I was watching Twilight and remember hearing this song and thinking instantly that it was amazing, and I found this song again later on with that same initial feeling. I feel like I frequently stumble upon this song, and it hits every time. I’m going to have to listen again now. 

Deftones – "Change (In The House Of Flies)"

I found this song pretty recently. I had heard of Deftones for a really long time and listened to them a bit but revisited their work. I listened to this song, and it was really inspiring. A lot of the melodies in the song, and the music, with the instrumentals used, and the way vocals are used is incredible.

Silverstein – "The End (feat. Lights)"

I remember listening to this song on repeat when it came out. I would go down to Toronto by myself or with my family, and I have such a vivid memory of just being on a bus and looking out the window, with this song blaring through my headphones and loving it so much. And Lights is amazing.

Underoath – "Writing On The Walls"

One of my favorite songs ever. It was always playing on MuchMusic. I loved the music video. His voice at the beginning of this song is so good. Some of my favorite male vocals I've heard in my life. The softness and tone before screamo are staples in terms of the kind of voice I love in music.