Rick & Morty fans rejoice—the popular Cartoon Network show is becoming a board game.

The show teamed up with Operation for a special edition of the popular game.

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The patient in the game is a dead homeless man wearing a Santa hat, Ruben, that has been featured in the show. The players must extract pieces from his body without hitting the edges.

In the episode featuring Ruben, Rick and Morty shrink to invade his body to figure out why he’s dying. Instead, the characters turn Ruben into an amusement park using his body. This plot point is the main idea behind the game.

Players will removed theme park-related items from the body. You can purchase the game on Amazon here.

You can check out what the game will look like below.

In other Rick & Morty news, it was discovered last year that the show has more deaths than any other show.

According to a report from BuzzBingo (via Newsweek), the average of deaths per episode on Rick and Morty is higher than of any other show in streaming.

For comparison, the series has an average of 26.1 deaths in each episode. TWENTY-SIX. Westworld is right behind it, with 25.9 deaths in average. Third, comes the Walking Dead, whose showrunners only kill an average of 23.2 characters per episode. What about American Horror Story? Only a 5.8 average, children’s play.

Even though the numbers seem high, Rick And Morty hasn’t killed more characters than other shows overall. The series had 808 in its three seasons, around 261 deaths in each.

When all seasons are counted, shows like the Walking Dead and Supernatural end up winning… but who knows what will happen if the show keeps going. Season four is already in the works, and one thing is for sure: We can expect more deaths.

What do you think about the Rick & Morty game? Sound off in the comments!

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