Saosin announce reunion shows with Anthony Green

UPDATE: In a post on his Instagram, Anthony Green has confirmed three reunion shows with Saosin after Skate And Surf Festival. The band will be playing June 6 in Pomona, California; June 7 in Los Angeles, California; and June 8 in San Diego, California. Check out the tour flyer below:

At this year’s Skate And Surf Fest, Saosin will be playing their first show since the 2010 departure of vocalist Cove Reber. It will also be the band’s first show with original vocalist Anthony Green in nearly a decade.

Now, it looks like the band will be playing a quick reunion tour, as they have teased what look to be a post-Skate And Surf run of shows in an image posted on their Facebook page. The image (which looks like a tour flyer) starts with the band’s May 17 Skate And Surf date and then follows with three more dates: Friday, June 6; Saturday, June 7; and Sunday, June 8. (The locations of the dates have been blocked out in the image.) Check out the image below, and let us know what you think.

An area above the Skate And Surf date has also been blocked out, which could mean an additional pre-Skate And Surf show, but it’s likely just where the name of the tour would be presented. The band posted “mañana” along with the image, so, either way, we should know soon.

Saosin’s last release with Green was 2003’s Translating The Name EP. The band released their last album—2009’s In Search Of Solid Ground—with Reber, before kicking him out and parting ways with Virgin/Capitol Records in 2010.