Just when we thought Momo couldn't get any creepier, Saturday Night Live had to go and prove us wrong. Kate McKinnon brings to life the fast food fried chicken mascot Bok Bok, who is DEFINITELY not Momo.

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The Momo Challenge resurfaced on the internet causing many social media outlets as well as police to issue a warning regarding this “viral challenge.” It soon lead to YouTube announcing they would be demonetizing all videos regarding Momo.

Reports of the Momo Challenge have been circulating since last year, and potentially even before that. Months ago, the fad was big on YouTube.

More recently, information surfaced claiming that the Momo Challenge is nothing more than an internet hoax.

If you were frightened of this Momo character then prepare to be terrified of SNL's Bok Bok character.

“We promise,” says Beck Bennett in his announcer voice. “Bok Bok is not Momo in a chicken suit. And she is definitely not tempting children with chicken so she can steal their souls.”

Yeah, OK.

Check out the haunting Bok Bok sketch, below.

More on the Momo Challenge...

The challenge takes on the form of a “game.” However, according to Rolling Stone, Momo, who takes on a strange, creepy woman figure with bulging eyes, tells kids to message her on WhatsApp for “instructions.” The character then challenges kids to do increasingly dangerous tasks, which ultimately can lead to self-harm or even suicide.

Additionally, the challenge allegedly tells kids to keep the video a secret, threatening their lives if they tell their parents.

Apparently, the game appears halfway through kids’ content to assure parents will be less likely to see it.

YouTube issued a statement of their own, saying that they have yet to encounter any actual evidence of the Momo Challenge.

Internet hoax or not, YouTube confirmed to The Verge that “any content featuring Momo is a violation of YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines, and therefore can’t receive ads — including news videos.”

What did you think of SNL's terrifying, definitely-not-Momo, character? Sound off in the comments below!

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