The grass is always greener, right? Creator of massive horror franchises Saw and Insidious, Leigh Whannell, recently expressed his interest in creating a children's movie in an interview with The Verge.

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“What’s funny is that since I wrote the first Saw movie I’ve written so many films in other genres — they are just not the films that have been made,” says Whannell. “I’ve actually written a children’s film called The Myth, which you could say is like a big Harry Potter-esque fantasy for kids, and that’s a film I would love to see get made. That’s a dream project of mine. It’s not something anyone would expect I would write. But because it hasn’t been produced yet, nobody knows it exists. So I feel like there’s a disconnect between what I’ve written over the last few years and how the world perceives me.”

Hopefully The Myth pumps the brakes on the gory death scenes Whannell has become so famous for. Read the whole interview at The Verge.