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Finally, we’ve reached the time of year where most of us like to enjoy all things dark and creepy (and if you don’t, we can’t be friends). Here are 13 podcasts to listen to on your commute and get you into the spooky spirit.

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The NoSleep Podcast

Love a good horror story, but kind of sick of the same old tales? Each episode of the NoSleep Podcast unveils an original horror story, sure to keep you up at night. (Heads up: This podcast may contain explicit language and content.)

Horror Movie Podcast

This podcast has a phenomenal group, including Jay of the Dead, Joshua Ligairi and Kyle Bishop, who review all your favorite horror movies, new and old. The hosts’ backgrounds in film and film criticism combined with the input of fans and specialists in various topics makes Horror Movie Podcast insightful and entertaining. LISTEN HERE.

The Dark Tome

This podcast is an ongoing story, with readings of other gothic and horror writings as well. The Dark Tome is a book that transfers the main character, Cassie, to another world, and listeners get to hear her adventure unfold. If you enjoy theatrical storytelling, then this is the perfect podcast for you.

Night Time: Canadian True Crime And Mysteries

If you’re here for true crime stories and strange happenings, then this podcast is sure to give you your fix. This show covers everything from cults to UFOs to murder. (Be aware, though: This podcast may contain explicit language and content.)

The Moonlit Road Podcast

Remember being a little kid at sleepovers reading Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark? This podcast will take you back to that. Each episode is a creepy ghost story or folklore, sure to put you on the edge of your seat.

This American Horror Story Podcast

This one’s for all of our AHS fans. Hosts Kris Husted and Tyler Moss do weekly recaps of the hit FX series, and it feels like you’re sitting with friends, chatting about the show. Episodes average around an hour, making this podcast perfect for your commute. (Warning: This podcast may contain explicit language and content.)

The Lineup Podcast

In collaboration with America’s Most Haunted, The Lineup Podcast explores real-world cases of strange happenings, true crimes and bizarre locations. This podcast is educational and insightful, but with a creepy twist.