It looks like Stranger Things fans aren't the only ones waiting for the arrival of season 4. On Friday, Mest unveiled an entertaining video for their song inspired by the Netflix series called "The Upside Down."

The song appears on Mest's latest album Masquerade.

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Earlier this year, Mest released their highly-anticipated new album Masquerade. The 12-track album includes hits such as "Don't Worry Son," "Almost Forgot" and, of course, the LP's title track.

Tony Lovato previously shared with Alternative Press that the album was originally going to be released on Cyber Track, the label run by NOFX guitarist El Hefe. However, he later changed his mind and decided to go for a self-release.

With the help of Mest fans who crowdfunded a staggering $54,000, Masquerade was released into the world and Mest signed a distribution deal with The Orchard.

“To me, it made sense to do this all on my own,” he said. “I’ve been in this band for 25 years and know enough about the music business. I can’t say it’s not extremely difficult doing it all, ’cause it is. Manager, booking agent… I run all the merch out of my house and essentially now run the record label side of things.”

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Now, Mest are back with a new video for "The Upside Down," which has everything to do with Stranger Things. Lovato, who directed and helped design the video's set, took inspiration from the show's first season. They recreated Joyce Byers' iconic living room with the Christmas lights, alphabet and floral design covering the walls.

Throughout "The Upside Down" video, Lovato can be seen trying to communicate with the lights and find a way out of the alternate universe Mest are stuck in. The punk rock single is a great tribute to Stranger Things that also shows Mest's growth over the past 20 years.

Mest's "The Upside Down" video is available to stream below.

Is "The Upside Down" your favorite song off of Masquerade? Let us know in the comments below.