Ahead of the release of their latest EP, Volume III, out via Mortem Media Dec. 13, September Mourning have teamed up with AltPress for the exclusive premiere of their new video, “Overdose.”

“Overdose” is the second video game animated release from the group. Although track focuses on being consumed by love, the video follows the protagonist, Claire, on her journey through Mortem alongside September after she’s transported into the animated world.

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“‘Overdose’ is a song about falling in love with someone or something so hard that it consumes you and that the process of being consumed is actually a beautiful thing,” lead vocalist September says. “In reference to another person, it mentions a certain uncertainty in the second verse of that other person's view on life, love and having the courage to be deep in it. The song reminds us that our views of life and love are our own and may not necessarily be shared by everyone, and that's OK. If you stay true to your heart and beliefs, those with similar views find each other.

“The video is an extension of the same animated universe we created with ‘Hiding From Heaven’ based on the September Mourning graphic novel,” September continues. “It takes place after Claire has finished playing the video game in the arcade. As Claire accepts September’s defeat in the ‘Hiding From Heaven’ video game, a mystical flash of light appears and transports her to a world within the game. The world is Mortem, the land of the dead. Upon her arrival, she meets a shadowy figure that sets her on a quest into the Hotel Sanctuary to find four travelers and three artifacts.”

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Watch the first video of the series below.

You can watch the exclusive video premiere for “Overdose” below.

You can preorder September Mourning’s latest EP here. Catch the band on tour at the start of 2020, with tickets available here.


02/07 Sterling Heights, MI @ Astronomicon*

02/08 – Battle Creek, MI @ Music Factory

02/09 – Joliet, IL @ The Forge

02/11 – Scranton, PA @ Stage West

02/12 – Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall

02/13 – Harrisburg, PA @ HMAC

02/14 – Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz

02/15 – Baltimore, MD @ Fish Head Cantina

02/16 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance

02/18 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

02/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds

02/20 – Worcester, MA @ TBS

02/21 – New Bedford, MA @ Greasy Luck

02/22 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA

*with/ Twiztid