L.A.-based rock-force-in-waiting Silent Rival spent the entire month of June out on tour with Night Riots, creating a ripple effect of their own design with their exuberant pop rock. Frontwoman Sara Coda is equal parts carefree and confident, while guitarist Joz Ramirez and bassist Yutaka Sao bring the sweet hooks and the unbridled rock.

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Which is why today we’re premiering the highly stylized video for the band’s new track, “Just One Voice.” Director Lisa Mann captured the band doing what they do best, while portraying a world somewhere between a random season of American Horror Story and some of Marilyn Manson’s absinthe-repressed memories.

“‘Just One Voice’ is a song for outcasts, so we decided to illustrate that in a very literal way for the music video by having ‘a freakshow,’” says Coda about the clip’s high production values and darkness-evoking mise en scéne. “This video, the song and this experience are not about us as individuals. It’s about us as a group: the band, the outcasts, the viewer and anyone else that wants to rise up to make the world a place that is worthy of our love.

“When we’re writing and recording, we are obsessive, hyper-attuned and detail-oriented,” the singer continues. “As a result, we chose to take a different approach for the video. We let the brilliant Lisa Mann sweat all of that stuff, and we focused solely on having fun. And boy, did we succeed! Standing behind the monitors and witnessing each individual character display their unique talents was what made it easily one of the most fun experiences of our lives. In the final stages of the video-making process, we wanted to make sure all the characters shined.”

Feast your eyes on Silent Rival’s celebration of the bizarre and idiosyncratic, and feel your own personal freak flag unfurl in the process. You can buy “Just One Voice” over at Apple Music.

Silent Rival return to SoCal with shows at Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento this Friday the 13th and July 15 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. And get ready: The band’s second album—the follow-up to last year’s The Kindness Of Strangers—is slated for release later this year, produced by Queens Of The Stone Age associate Alain Johannes. Get on the train, because there’s rock awaiting your arRIVAL...