Simple Plan have released a touching new video for their recent single "The Antidote." The song speaks of someone finding solace in another, and features lyrics like, "Everytime I feel alone/ Like the walls are caving in/ Like I never win/ Like it's crawling under my skin/ You're the antidote."

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The visual follows the relationship between two young people as they grow over the years. The pair run around their neighborhood and explore the mysteries of their little corner of the world together.

This video isn't the first time we've heard what's coming next from Simple Plan – or, the first time the band has weighed in on their own growth over the years. Speaking to Joel Madden and Jordan Pundik for Alternative Press' Artist Friendly series, Simple Plan singer Pierre Bouvier discussed making new music with his band.

"We’ve always felt true to what we sound like, and pop punk runs through my veins, as I’m sure for you guys as well," Bouvier says. "But our stuff sounds like old-school Simple Plan but [with] a modern twist to it. And we always have a couple of curveballs. We can’t help ourselves. Simple Plan always likes to put a song on there that the true, hardcore fans would be like, “What the fuck is this?” [Laughs.] So, we’ll see how that turns out."

You can check out the visual below.