Slipknot's upcoming album will feature the band's heaviest song to date, says frontman Corey Taylor.

The long-awaited record is in the works and might be coming Summer 2019.

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2019 is already looking to be a big year for the band with Shawn “Clown” Crahan recently revealing a forthcoming reissue of the band’s self-titled album. Now with a haunted house, a new record and a huge world tour on the way, Slipknot sure are busy.

Taylor previously shared that the band’s sixth studio record will be reminiscent of their 2001 sophomore milestone release, Iowa.

He also mentioned that Slipknot are currently writing the album and have around 20 demoed songs, teasing a summer 2019 release date. Plus, the band plan to embark on a massive world tour after the release.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Taylor is elaborating on the new songs.

"The way we’ve been describing it is, 'What if the guys who made Iowa matured? What if the kids who made Iowa grew up?'," he says. "That’s kind of the way we’re looking at it because some of this shit is so heavy—but there’s melody, there’s really cool melancholic melody going on."

He says the band's at their "most ambitious, our most experimental" on the forthcoming album.

"At a time when most bands are slowing down, I think we’ve written our heaviest song—one of them anyway—on this new album," he continues. "It’s going to be f*cking crazy. People are going to sh*t their pants when they hear it."

In other news…

Slipknot will be celebrating Halloween with a band-themed haunted house in their home state of Iowa. It’s a joint effort between the group and local Des Moines attraction the Slaughterhouse.

The “ultimate nightmare come true” will feature music, characters and imagery plucked straight out of the Slipknot catalog, as reported by The Des Moines Register. And it’s an event tailor-made for Slipknot’s dedicated fan base.

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