The 88th annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally in South Dakota is currently happening. Last month, we learned that acts including Smash Mouth, Trapt, Buckcherry and Drowning Pool are all scheduled to perform at this year's event.

Now, photos and videos have been released from Smash Mouth and Trapt's sets over the weekend. The content reveals what the crowds at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally really looked like.

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This past week, the United States surpassed 5 million coronavirus cases. Despite the headlines and increasing worry surrounding the virus, an estimated 250,000 people turned up for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally. The Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally is hosting numerous events including motorcycle shows, roller derby and nightly performances from various acts.

Prior to the start of the event, the local city council voted in support of the rally as long as various PPE guidelines are in place. As well, Buffalo Chip organizers encourage its attendees to follow CDC guidelines. They promise that hand sanitizer is widely available. Guests are also required to have a mask with them before entering the amphitheater. However, the event's guidelines reveal that social distancing and masks will not be enforced for attendees.

On Aug. 9, both Smash Mouth and Trapt performed at the South Dakota event. Photos and videos from the performances have since emerged online. To no surprise, the vast majority of the crowd did not wear protective face coverings and did not social distance.

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Steve Harwell

Trapt also shared photos from their performance on Sunday.

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