snail mail feeling like i do
[Photo by Tina Tyrel]

Snail Mail covers Superdrag’s “Feeling Like I Do” for Spotify Singles

Snail Mail (Lindsey Jordan) is the most recent artist to grace the Spotify Singles program. For her entry to the collection of covers, she undertook Superdrag‘s “Feeling Like I Do.”

Jordan also rereleased her 2021 Valentine track “Headlock.”

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Jordan’s take on “Feeling Like I Do” doesn’t stray far from Superdrag’s original vision. Its main difference stems from her vocal performance. Jordan’s delivery gives the lyrics an air of gentle longing, whereas Mic Harrison imbued the original with a force that sometimes drifts into frustration.

Jordan shared her excitement about covering the song in a press release.

“It’s been really cool getting to cover ‘Feeling Like I Do’ by Superdrag because I love it, and I’ve loved it for a while, and I was able to make it my own by singing on it,” Jordan says.

Look below for Snail Mail’s “Feeling Like I Do” and “Headlock.”