Watching Disney movies as an adult can be a very different experience than when you were a kid.

Just take this fan theory, for example, that only proves not everything is as it seems when it comes to Disney films.

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We all know the tale of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, right?

You know, the movie where the princess gets lost in a forest, meets seven dwarfs, eats a poisoned apple, only then to be brought back to life with the kiss of her prince charming?

Yeah, that one. Well, according to one fan theory, that's not how the whole thing went down. Let us explain.

The theory, that seems to have originated in the comment section of a Buzzfeed article, says that the princess was actually dead at the end of the film.

That's not all, apparently, Prince Charming is the grim reaper who gives her the "kiss of death" before taking her to heaven...yeah, we'll let that sink in.

Per the actual quote from Buzzfeed commenter and our resident Disney fan theorist, Matt Morgan:

"So in the movie, the prince is supposed to be kind of like an angel of death, basically a happier version of a grim reaper. When Snow is being careless around the well at the beginning of the movie, the "prince" hears her and goes to investigate. She gets her first glimpse at the prince when she gets her first glimpse at death; when she almost falls into the well and dies"

Morgan then notes that the prince arrives once more, this time with the poison apple fiasco.

"Much later, the prince comes around again when she's lying in a coffin after biting the poison apple. He arrives on a pale white horse (which is what Death was often portrayed riding at the time). He kisses her. The "kiss of death" is a way people knew someone had passed before they knew about taking pulses. When you die, the air is expelled from your lungs. Folklore said this was death kissing you to take the "breath of life" from you. "

Crazy, right? Well, Morgan supplied us with even more insanity:

"Snow and the Prince say goodbye to the dwarfs rather than bring them along because they're going somewhere the living can't follow. They then ride off to heaven or a heaven-facsimile afterlife, where we see the last shot of the movie: a castle-shaped cloud surrounded by golden light."

Like, okay, Matt. This has been a fun theory to unpack.

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