AltPress is excited to unveil the winner of Man Overboard's "build your own b-side" contest, Jake Mcelfresh, who performs under the name Front Porch Step. For the contest, Man Overboard released their instrumental 2011 b-side, "Dump Me," and asked artists for their spin on the song.

You can stream both Front Porch Step's and Man Overboard's versions of the song below, and download them for free! Note that vocals for both versions were recorded this year.

Coincidentally, Front Porch Step appeared in the AP&R section of AP #291. Of their choosing him, MO says, "We found [Front Porch Step]'s version particularly interesting not only because his voice is way deeper than most people who submitted but because he's also out there cutting his teeth, writing and performing his own songs. So thanks Jake for taking the time to sing on our song! We appreciate it, along with everyone else who cared enough to give this contest a stab. See you all at Suppy Nation, Slam Dunk and Warped!"