While people are wondering when and how concerts will operate once businesses begin reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, Spain is offering their rough roadmap for opening the economy back up and the US could use their plans as a way to create a template of their own.

Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez revealed yesterday (April 28) the four stages the country is taking to reopen and it's presenting possibilities for select events to make their return.

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A new poll from  Reuters and Ipsos showed the majority of Americans are not willing to attend concerts or other large events until a vaccine is widely available.

On top of that, a New York Times story ended up discussing the economic and societal impacts of the virus revealing concerts are unlikely to happen until late into 2021.

Still, some people are looking at how smaller shows could happen with some heavy adjustments to how they operate.

The four stages of Spain's plan are starting from the preparatory phase zero which is set to last until at least May 11 with four Spanish islands starting on May 4.

The first phase will see "cultural events" allowed but with hefty restrictions. Indoor venues with a capacity of 90 people or more will be limiting to 30 people or less. Outdoor venues on the other hand can have up to 200 people but must be seated and follow physical distancing measures.

Phase two is seeing indoor concerts with a third of usual capacity to a maximum of 50 people. This could begin as early as May 25. Outdoor events are allowing up to 400 people with the same distancing requirements. Phase two will also see theaters reopening with a third of capacity.

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Phase three is when things start to look a little closer to normal.

If plans go as expected, this could start on June 8. Night clubs and bars can reopen to a third of capacity and indoor events can have up to 80 people. At that time, outdoor events are allowing 800 people with physical distancing.

Opening to a third of capacity is obviously not ideal but could be a welcome change. These phases are also highly dependent on how hard-hit regions are and dates could still be changed.

According to a report from the BBC yesterday, Spain has seen nearly 24,000 people die from the virus so far. There are signs the virus is slowing there though after weeks of harsh restrictions.

On Tuesday, their registered virus deaths were 301 compared to a high of 950 in early April.

Some US states have been reopening various parts of the economy with mixed feelings from the public.

The guidelines for US venues opening their doors will have to be carefully planned out but the guidelines put out by Spain could be altered and adjusted in ways for Americans once the spread of the virus continues showing signs of slowing.

How do you see concerts in the US coming back when reopenings happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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