Lullaby duo Sparrow Sleeps have just released an album of Joyce Manor covers called I Hope This Child Will Soon Grow Tired

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"These are easily some of my favorite lullabies that we've put out," says Sparrow Sleeps' Casey Cole. "Probably because I've listened to Joyce Manor more than anything else all year." 

The Indianapolis outfit is comprised of Cole and Peter Lockhart, who create lullaby versions of your favorite songs. So far they have covered everyone from Paramore to Fall Out Boy, turning their tracks into children's songs. 

I Hope This Child Will Soon Grow Tired features five Joyce Manor tracks, and you can purchase it here

Listen to "Constant Headache" below: 

sparrow sleeps joyce manor


1. These Kind Of Ice Skates 

2. Heart Tattoo

3. Fake I.D.

4. Eighteen

5. Constant Headache

This announcement follows Sparrow Sleeps' recent release of Take This To Your Crib, a lullaby rendition covering the entirety of Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave.

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