Spotify is making some adjustments to their Spotify For Artists app while shuttering their analytics system and it could make a lot of musician's lives a whole lot easier.

The streaming service is meshing together their analytics system with the Spotify For Artists app centralizing their tools in one place for artists, labels and management to work together more effectively.

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According to a blog post from the company, the decision is being done by Spotify to “empower artists, managers, and labels to work together as seamlessly as possible.”

Their Spotify For Artists app launched in 2017 and provided several useful functions for musicians and their teams. It allows them to add canvas videos, update bios and enables tracking for how well new releases are performing. Spotify Analytics previously offered a dashboard where teams could access data and pitch songs to playlists.

Now, they're blending together to encourage collaboration between artists and their teams.

Record labels joining in now will have access to the Spotify For Artists app and in the next couple of weeks, artists and labels are going to be able to make changes to their profile.

Further, they're revealing a new Activity tab showing what changes users are making. Record labels will also only have access to data for recordings they own the rights to.

Spotify further detailed their reasoning in the post, saying they're realizing how collaborative musicians and their teams are.

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“Over time, as we’ve listened to feedback and seen how people use Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics, it’s been clear just how collaborative artists and their teams are in analyzing data and planning promotional strategies. In an effort to empower artists, managers, and labels to work together as seamlessly as possible, we’re bringing everyone together in one place: Spotify for Artists."

They continue, saying “Now, with access to the same set of data and insights, and the ability to join in managing an artist’s presence across Spotify, we’re looking forward to fostering better collaboration between teams – especially for artists signed to a label."

They explain that Spotify For Artists won't be changing too much for those already using the service. The big difference, more hands will be able to access data meaning a smoother workflow for musicians.

“For artists and managers already using Spotify for Artists, not much will change: You’ll still have the same access to your data and profile, and will still be able to pitch new releases to editorial and algorithmic playlists, upload a Canvas, and add an Artist Fundraising Pick, but will now benefit from having your whole team and label in one place.”

What exactly does this mean for independent artists who aren't working with a record label though?

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Well, it's streamlining everything together and giving a simplified way of reaching people through playlists. Playlists have become a growing way for artists to reach new fans and build themselves up and now that process is getting simplified.

They'll also have a way of tracking which members of a band are making changes in the Activity feed if more than one person is working their streaming profiles.

The data they're providing is also giving a better look at areas of growth that are simple to understand. They'll also show bands exactly which songs they should be pitching to playlists for inclusion which can greatly help their stream count and bring in more revenue.

What do you think of Spotify's new features for artists and record labels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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