Great news for Spotify users. The music streaming giant is lifting the limit on the number of songs you can like and save in Your Library. Spotify users have been asking for unlimited libraries since 2014 but the limit has always been 10,000. 

Now, you can like and save songs in Your Library to your heart's content.

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Spotify launched in 2008 and has since grown into a multi-billion dollar company. As of 2020, Spotify has 286 million monthly active users and claims 36% of the global streaming market. And they're constantly improving. 

Users can now save an unlimited amount of songs to their library which has been a main gripe in the Spotify community since 2104. The limit was previously set at 10,000 and once you hit that a message said: "Epic collection my friend. There's no more room in Your Library. To save more, you'll need to remove some songs or albums."

According to the Spotify Community Forum, as of today (May 26), the limit is lifted. 

We're excited to be marking this idea as implemented!

We've now removed the limit on saved items in Your Library, making it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.


The change however does not affect offline listening. Users can still only download 10,000 songs across five devices. Playlists can also have no more than 10,000 songs each. 

So now, you'll no longer have to curate Your Library and remove tracks to add others. Happy saving!


More on Spotify

Spotify users are now able to compare their music tastes to their friends with a new online app called

It’s a service built by Kalana Vithana to see just how compatible people’s music tastes are with others.

According to the website’s “About” section, Vithana created it after finding themselves constantly asking the question “so what kind of music do you listen to?”

After importing your Spotify data, you’ll see your top artists, tracks and genres. They give you a code and a URL you can share with other people to see how compatible your music tastes are with each other. You can also share it anonymously with other users.

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A compatibility score if given and a breakdown of common artists is offered.

“Log in with Spotify to find out how compatible your music taste is with your friends. Get your code, and share it with others to see how your taste stacks up against the rest of the world!

So far, I’ve been to 75 countries, calculated 167,279 compatibilities for 128,261 users and counting!” a description for the website reads.

The way the site’s algorithm works is by taking all of your top Spotify tracks while sorting artists into their genres. Spotify features a massive amount of genre tags though so if an artist falls into multiple, they are ranked into more niche genres first instead of common ones. For instance, an artist would be sorted into “indietronica” before “pop.”

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Compatibility is sorted by artists and genres more heavily than top tracks. They describe this as a way of saying that top songs don’t reflect general sounds people are interested in as well.

It also generates playlists based on two people’s data built from matching tracks and genres so you can share the music you both love together.

The project is still in the early stages of development, being a project started in 2020 by the creator. If any bugs or fixes do come across your mind while testing it out, they encourage you to reach out over Twitter.

You can test out your compatibility in music with your friends here.

Are you happy about Spotify removing the Library limit? Sound off in the comments below!

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