Last week, it was reported that Taco Bell is making some big changes to its menu in August. Now, it has been confirmed by the fast-food chain that the rumored menu changes are, in fact, true.

This latest change from Taco Bell means that customers will have to say goodbye to some longtime favorites to make room for new menu items. The Loaded Grillers, 7-Layer Burrito and Potato Bites are just a few of the items being retired from the menu.

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Last week, industry insiders reported on Reddit that big changes are heading to Taco Bell's menu. The rumors led to a variety of comments from customers. While some are looking forward to trying new Taco Bell items, others are not happy to see their favorite menu items go.

Now, Taco Bell has confirmed that some items are being removed from the menu to make room for new food items. Starting Aug. 13, taco and burrito lovers will say goodbye to the Grilled Steak Soft Taco and 7-Layer Burrito. As well, the specialty item Nachos Supreme will no longer be available.

Some big changes are also being made to Taco Bell's cravings value menu. The Beefy Fritos Burrito, Spicy Tostada, Triple Layer Nachos and Spicy Potato Soft Taco are all being removed.

As well, the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Loaded Grillers (both the Cheesy Potato and Beefy Nacho) and Chips & Dips are disappearing. Taco Bell's breakfast menu will also no longer include the Mini Skillet Bowl.

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As for the beloved Quesarito, there's no need to panic quite yet. Although the item is being removed from the menu, it will still be available to order digitally on the website and app.

Despite all of the items that are disappearing, Taco Bell is planning to bring on some new items. A $1 Beef Burrito is a permanent addition to the cravings value menu. As well, a $5 Grande Nachos Box is being introduced.

Clearly, some of Taco Bell's vegetarian staples are being removed from its menu. The fast-food chain is well aware of the impact these changes could have on non-meat eating customers. So, the company is continuing to offer customization options for all orders.

A representative for Taco Bell shares that these changes are to help make ordering faster, safer and easier amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"As you might have heard, Taco Bell is simplifying its menu to streamline operations and make ordering faster, safer and easier than ever for customers and team members, especially while the pandemic has shifted priorities to the drive-thru and digital," the statement says.

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For the fast-food chain, these new changes will soon allow for even more new menu items.

"These changes also allow Taco Bell’s Food Innovation Team to continue testing and developing the most craveable and innovative items," the statement continues. "We’re confident many die-hard Taco Bell fans might not have even tasted their favorite menu item yet!"

All of the details regarding the menu changes are available to view here.

Which menu items are you sad to see go? Let us know in the comments below.