Hear blackbear’s social media-inspired anthem “queen of broken hearts”

blackbear is giving fans another look into his highly-anticipated forthcoming album everything means nothing. On Friday, he released his brand new pop anthem “queen of broken hearts.” The new single is inspired by the influence social media has over our everyday lives and relationships. It was written by blackbear and co-produced by blackbear and Andrew […]

N.W.A.’s “Fuck Tha Police” streams surge amid Black Lives Matter protests

N.W.A.’s “Fuck Tha Police” has seen a resurgence amidst the ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. As the Black Lives Matter movement continues, N.W.A.’s iconic track has become one of the top protest songs. So much so that “Fuck Tha Police” is seeing a massive jump on […]

Anonymous disrupts Chicago police radios with N.W.A.'s "Fuck Tha Police"

As the protests over the death of George Floyd and continued police brutality carry on throughout the country and across the globe, the notorious hacker group Anonymous emerged over the weekend and are showing solidarity with the protesters in various ways. One thing Anonymous did this weekend was disrupting the Chicago Police Department’s radio scanners, and with […]

blackbear tells hectic love story with short film 'THE ANONYMOUS SAGA'

Music fans tend to think musicians live wild, carefree lives, but blackbear gave fans a glimpse of his own gritty story with ‘THE ANONYMOUS SAGA.’ A short film tied into his most recent album ANONYMOUS, the budding artist shows that his life is anything but perfect. Read more: Here’s everything coming to and leaving Netflix in […]

blackbear reflects on drug use in "SWEAR TO GOD"

blackbear has just released his latest track “SWEAR TO GOD,” the third single from his highly anticipated upcoming album ANONYMOUS, out April 26. Sitting down with Zane Lowe, bear talks about how the song takes a more serious approach, reflecting on a time when he was struggling with drug use. You can check out the full […]

Stray From The Path perform 'The Waiting Room' live session

Stray From The Path recently performed three songs from 2013's Anonymous on producer Sam Pura’s ongoing live-video series, the Waiting Room. Each session is filmed in Pura’s own Panda Studios in the Bay area of California.  We hosted the entire first season on AltPress, with performances by the likes of the Story So Far, the American Scene, Citizen, Title Fight, Misser, Transit, […]

Stray From The Path stream new album, 'Anonymous'

Stray From The Path's new album, Anonymous, was released today on Sumerian Records and can be streamed in the YouTube playlist below. Their fall headlining tour dates with Backtrack, Gideon, No Bragging Rights and Rescuer are listed under the stream. 10/03 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium 10/04 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft 10/05 […]

Stray From The Path preview new album, 'Anonymous'

Stray From The Path have posted a preview of the tracks making up their new album, Anonymous. It's out on Sept. 17 via Sumerian Records. Fall headlining tour dates with Backtrack, Gideon, No Bragging Rights and Rescuer are below the video. 10/03 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium 10/04 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft 10/05 […]

Stray From The Path release album details, new music video

Stray From The Path have been revealed as the face behind the website, which has been popping up all over the internet from Every Time I Die, Backtrack and others. Their new album Anonymous will be out September 17, 2013 via Sumerian Records. To pre-order their limited edition vinyl, click here. Check out the first video and […]

Atari Teenage Riot frontman tricks Sony into supporting legal defense fund for Anonymous

In a new interview with Wired, Atari Teenage Riot frontman Alec Empire explains the story of how he duped Sony into supporting the Anonymous movement–the same movement that has been blamed for taking down the company's PlayStation Network. After suing Sony for using one of ATR's songs without their permission in the past, the company […]