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Bikini Kill announce 2024 North American tour

The riot grrrl pioneers will also play their first-ever shows in Mexico and South America in March.

Black feminist punks Big Joanie are finding their way back home

With their sophomore album, Back Home, Big Joanie are honoring the deep roots of their ancestors. In this interview, the punk trio detail its creation.

Why punk was never supposed to be sexy

Punk, in all mediums, is armor for change. Women dressed in chains, leather and fishnets, as well as shaved heads, transformed into people who demanded to be heard.

Op-ed: When you’re wearing a mask, who cares if you know the lyrics?

Wearing masks creates a judgment-free zone for fans who might not know all the lyrics. Here’s how it also makes attending a concert a more communal experience.

Catch Paramore, Bikini Kill and more on the road

This is Tour Guide, a weekly recap of the concert news fans don’t want to miss. From Paramore to Bikini Kill, check out who’s coming to a city near you.

Relive the return of Norway’s Øya Festival, from Remi Wolf to Bikini Kill

Øya Festival returns after a two-year hiatus. From Remi Wolf to Bikini Kill, relive all four days of the Norwegian festival with our photo gallery.

25 of the coolest vintage band T-shirts and where to find them

There’s the classic adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, a quality band T-shirt is worth a million. Our music tastes are synonymous with our personalities and how we express ourselves, so what better way to embody this than to dive into a collection of classic T-shirts?  Alternative Press is pleased to […]

15 artists influenced by the Sex Pistols, from Joy Division to Oasis

“Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be fun,” Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten told British rock journalist Charles Shaar Murray in 1977. “You’re supposed to enjoy it. It’s not about taking a million fucking years to learn a million fucking chords on the guitar.”  That clarion call — sounded as their anti-royalist diatribe “God Save […]

12 great standalone punk-rock singles, from the Clash to the Libertines

The seven-inch 45 RPM single was the perfect punk–rock medium, insofar as anything about a musical genre and culture as fly-by-the-seat-of-your-bondage-pants as punk can be designed. This is because it was originally rock ‘n’ roll’s perfect medium, and punk’s initial goal was reducing rock to its fundamentals. And if you restrict your presentation’s time to […]

A history of riot grrrl, from “Rebel Girl” to “Racist, Sexist Boy”

In 1991, Anita Hill testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee about being the target of sexual harassment from African-American judge Clarence Thomas at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing. The hearings were televised, and Hill’s lurid testimony sent bolts of shock and disgust across an America yet to become completely tabloidized. When this all-white, all-male committee […]

20 albums that paved the way for alternative as we know it

After the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll, it was clear that something was starting to emerge from the underground. As the genres of hair metal and pop rock dominated the charts, the rise of alternative rock gave a voice to people who might have been considered too strange for the early MTV generation. Years […]

From Waterparks to the Regrettes, these 15 artists are influenced by blink-182

You could argue that blink-182 are one of the major reasons why pop punk exploded into the mainstream in the 2000s. Following Green Day’s release of Dookie in ‘94 and Weezer’s nerd-positive brand of rock, blink were the reason a lot of kids wanted to pick up guitars. It was through TRL hits such as […]

The 10 best punk drummers of the '90s, from Dave Grohl to Tobi Vail

The ‘90s was the moment when the experiments wrestled control of the laboratory away from the scientists. Suddenly, punk rock — the ragged step-sibling of rock and pop — was squarely in the mainstream of culture, after years of ruling the underground. It spawned alternative music and the latter’s most successful subthread, grunge. Grunge was […]

From DEVO to Le Tigre and more, these artists defined synth-punk

One of punk rock’s original goals was “the destruction of rock ‘n’ roll.” While that didn’t happen, most early punk musicians were rock fans, in spite of their espoused rhetoric. Hence why most early pogo soundtracks were basically Chuck Berry with a Marshall amp. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But this is hardly […]

The 20 most underrated pop-punk albums from the last two decades

At this point, you could practically write a textbook on the art of creating a pop-punk song. Ever since people discovered Green Day’s Dookie and the masses fell in love with “All The Small Things” on MTV, the genre has blossomed. Pop punk’s big break didn’t mean the genre got locked into a formula, either. […]

20 songs that transformed punk, from "Raw Power" to "Rebel Girl"

There are a lot of people out there who know what punk rock is but have no idea how to explain it to a novice or an outsider. It would seem simple enough to define it as “three-chord teenage rebel music,” but what about all those songs that have four or more chords? Or all […]

10 times different artists collaborated to make inspiring music

September 1963: A young R&B combo called the Rolling Stones are rehearsing, preparing for a recording session. Their manager, former Beatles publicist Andrew Loog Oldham, was tearing his hair out. They were about to record their second single, a follow-up to their modestly successful remake of Chuck Berry’s “Come On.” But they had one problem: […]

AltPress Weekly: Oasis, WILLOW, boyish, JAWNY, Softcult and more

We’re back with another AltPress Weekly. Each week, we highlight the things we want you to check out. We shout out new discoveries and longtime favorites, the best new, old and everything in between. We’ll also always keep you up to date with the latest coverage over at Alternative Press, along with the stories we […]

11 singers who helped define the vocal style of punk rock in the ‘90s

The ‘90s: the decade punk went mainstream. First, SoundScan made radio safe for Nirvana and the grunge-ified hordes. Then Green Day and other pop-punk acts moved in and squatted at the top of the Billboard charts. True, it seemed to be finished two years later, only to be reinvigorated at the turn of the century. […]

The Linda Lindas release single “Oh!” with energetic new visual–watch

Los Angeles riot grrrl band the Linda Lindas have completely solidified their place as one of the most unstoppable up-and-coming artists. Now, they have released long-awaited new material in the form of the single, “Oh!” Along with the track comes a high-energy, color-coded music video featuring the skateboarder, photographer and musician Ray Barbee. Read more: […]
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