Watch and learn how Descendents make the perfect cup of coffee

SoCal punk legends Descendents are known for three things. First, their mastery of what has now been termed “melodic hardcore.” Second, the quaint line drawing of their lead singer Milo Aukerman they’ve adopted as a mascot logo of sorts. Last but not least is their legendary penchant for consuming coffee. And not that Frappuccino, moo-latte […]

FEVER 333 write, record and release new track in 24 hours

When Jason Aalon Butler gets a wild idea, there’s no stopping him. So when he summoned the rest of FEVER 333 to turn over a track from writing to releasing in 24 hours, the work got done, in the form of “Presence Is Strength.” Earlier this week, Butler–inspired and stoked by the Super Tuesday primaries across […]

Young Guns premiere first single from upcoming album—listen

U.K. alternative rockers Young Guns and AP have teamed up to bring you the release of their first single “Bulletproof” from their upcoming album. The album is set to come out in August. “We recorded it at House of Loud in New Jersey with the brilliant David Bendeth this February, and are really excited with the results,” […]