Paramore remove ‘Say Their Names’ poster following comments from fans

Amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, one Paramore fan recently shared his recreation of the classic Riot! album artwork. The reimagined cover art features the names of victims who lost their lives to police brutality. Following the positive feedback the artwork received from many, Paramore decided to launch a Say Their Names poster featuring […]

Tom Morello, Dan Reynolds and friends demand that you "Stand Up"

Thanks to Tom Morello, your weekend playlist just got molten. Today, the Rage Against The Machine guitarist has delivered “Stand Up,” an incendiary collaboration taking aim at police brutality and institutionalized racism. Morello is joined by activist/artist Shea Diamond, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and Bob Rifo of EDM commandos the Bloody Beetroots. “I grew […]

The Maine have already begun working on their next album

Since coronavirus caused this year’s Sad Summer Fest to be postponed, the Maine are finding other ways to stay productive. This week, the band announced its third 8123 Impact Day which is taking place on Saturday, June 20. As well, the Maine have revealed that they are currently recording their next album. Read more: Artists […]

These artists and labels are donating their no-fee Bandcamp sales to BLM

Tomorrow marks another day of Bandcamp‘s initiative to put money in the pockets of artists during the coronavirus pandemic by getting rid of their fees but many artists and labels are deciding to donate all of their profits to Black Lives Matter initiatives. The company even has a full list of participants which you can find here to start considering […]

NAACP mounts Facebook boycott amid reports of discrimination

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is urging a boycott of Facebook today after two new reports show Russian trolls specifically targeted black communities on the platform during the 2016 election. The reports (from Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project and cybersecurity firm New Knowledge) confirm previous suspicions of Russian meddling in […]