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20 greatest punk-rock drummers of all time

The most important member of any rock ‘n’ roll band is the drummer. Seriously, you can have Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar in your band. But if Mitch Mitchell isn’t in the back, holding it all together on drums? You just have noise.  Rhythm is king in rock ‘n’ roll. Naturally, rhythm also rules in […]

Why Danny Boyle's 'Pistol' proves the Sex Pistols were more than a rock band

Pistol, Hulu’s six-episode retelling of the Sex Pistols’ story through guitarist Steve Jones’ eyes, is hardly the first cinematic rendering of the life and times of England’s most notorious early punk-rock band. But it is the best. Mind you, the competition is hardly fierce. The first, 1980’s The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle, was ostensibly a […]

Hulu and Disney+ Sex Pistols miniseries receives release date

The Sex Pistols limited series officially has a release date from FX. Focused on guitarist Steve Jones, we also have detailed info on where to watch Pistol. The new show arrives May 31 via Hulu in the U.S. In addition, the series will be available via Disney+ in most other regions. See below for full details. […]

The 10 best punk drummers of the 1970s displayed great skill and power

“You’re only as good as your drummer,” Clash singer/rhythm guitarist Joe Strummer lamented in their documentary Westway To The World, as he recounted Nicky “Topper” Headon’s firing ahead of 1982 breakthrough LP Combat Rock’s tour. “Drumming…like nailing a nail into the floor,” he continued. “It’s so precise—the beat has to be there!” Mind you, the […]

Sex Pistols return to the '70s in this first look at the new mini-series 'Pistol'

Earlier this year, we learned that director Danny Boyle is directing a new Sex Pistols mini-series called Pistol exclusively for FX. Now, Sex Pistols fans are getting their first look at the actors portraying Steve Jones, Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten, Glen Matlock and Paul Cook in the upcoming limited series. Read more: Bad Suns are performing […]

10 times punk rockers stole the show on American TV in the ’70s and ’80s

You would think television (the medium, as opposed to Television, the band) and punk rock were a match made in heaven. After all, the music and culture are sharp, edgy and visually arresting. This should have made punk flawless televisual fodder, right? Truthfully, punk and TV collisions have more often resulted in mutual incomprehension and […]

7 early Sex Pistols moments that deserve screen time in FX's miniseries

On Jan. 11, FX announced it’d ordered a six-episode limited series about British punk spark plug the Sex Pistols. Titled Pistol, the show will be based on guitarist Steve Jones’ 2016 autobiography Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol, relating the catalytic events of the band’s history and the scene they largely ignited from Jones’ […]

Here's who is playing Sid Vicious in this new Sex Pistols limited series

This week, FX confirmed that a limited series based on the Sex Pistols is officially in the works called Pistol. The upcoming series has a star-studded cast that includes a Games Of Thrones star and a familiar face you may recognize from Netflix. Read more: Donald Trump is now the first president to be impeached […]