Drain tap Terror, Scowl, Angel Du$t, and more for spring tour

The massive run also includes dates with Madball, H2O, Twitching Tongues, Mindforce, and more.

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova is reclaiming their body through sex work

Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova embodies empowerment. In their AP digital cover story, the singer and activist explores their journey in fourth-wave feminism.

NOFX's Fat Mike on Double Album: "Choruses are for the f*cking weak"

NOFX follow up 2021’s Single Album with their new record, Double Album. Fat Mike details its creation, the band’s 40th anniversary and their 2023 farewell shows.

Jobber pay tribute to pro wrestling with their empowering debut EP Hell in a Cell

Back in the mid-’90s, if you turned on the TV and saw Barry Horowitz patting himself on the back in a wrestling ring, you knew something bad was about to happen. Heavily bearded and magnificently mulleted, once the bell rang, he’d get twisted up like a pretzel in Bret Hart’s Sharpshooter, or press-slammed by the […]

The Paranoyds break down their fiery sophomore album Talk Talk Talk and touring with Jack White

The Paranoyds have released their powerful sophomore album, Talk Talk Talk. The band discuss opening for Jack White and embracing creative mistakes.

Modern Baseball’s Sports at 10: How DIY ethos and Tumblr-era popularity launched the emo rockers into the spotlight

Modern Baseball’s debut album, Sports, turns 10 this Nov. 27. Here’s how they changed the face of emo with self-reflection and genuineness.

Black feminist punks Big Joanie are finding their way back home

With their sophomore album, Back Home, Big Joanie are honoring the deep roots of their ancestors. In this interview, the punk trio detail its creation.

NNAMDÏ defies the pop music binary with Please Have a Seat

NNAMDÏ creates an electrifying community. On his new album Please Have a Seat, he continues to challenge the binaries of pop music by reinventing its every edge.

With Trouble The Water, Show Me The Body capture the riotous spirit of their live shows

Show Me The Body’s new album, Trouble The Water, dives even deeper into capitalist greed. The band dissect the process behind making their third record.

Why punk was never supposed to be sexy

Punk, in all mediums, is armor for change. Women dressed in chains, leather and fishnets, as well as shaved heads, transformed into people who demanded to be heard.

TiaCorine is crafting her own superhero anime trap world

Get to know TiaCorine, an “anime trap” artist who meshes musical worlds together. Tia delves into her much-anticipated debut album I Can’t Wait, out now.

How punk rock taught stand-up comedian Neil Rubenstein to pay it forward

Neil Rubenstein is carving out his own place in the comedy world. The stand-up comic discusses his punk-rock roots and touring with Motion City Soundtrack.

How the Interrupters are championing the new wave of ska

Ska has a rich history, and the Interrupters are leading the charge for the new gen. The band open up about their most personal album yet, In The Wild.

Inside Kitchen Mouse, the chic vegan restaurant frequented by Billie Eilish and Kate Nash

Kitchen Mouse is Highland Park’s acclaimed vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Here’s how former F-Minus member Erica Daking built the eatery from the ground up.

15 best punk albums of 2007, from Arctic Monkeys to Fall Out Boy

From Arctic Monkeys’ Favourite Worst Nightmare to Fall Out Boy’s Infinity On High, these are the best punk albums of 2007.

Inside the Pacific Northwest punk movement, from the Sonics to Sub Pop

From the Sonics to the birth of Sub Pop, this is the history of Pacific Northwest punk. See how the genre transformed over the years.

A history of Orange County punk, from Adolescents to No Doubt

“Let’s have a war ⁠— blame it on the Middle Class!” The guitar emerges in a blur. The outburst only lasts a second or two before the rest of the band kicks in as abruptly. Someone calls “Out of vogue” repeatedly, as lead singer Jeff Atta responds, “We don’t need no magazines/We don’t need no […]

20 greatest punk-rock drummers of all time

The most important member of any rock ‘n’ roll band is the drummer. Seriously, you can have Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar in your band. But if Mitch Mitchell isn’t in the back, holding it all together on drums? You just have noise.  Rhythm is king in rock ‘n’ roll. Naturally, rhythm also rules in […]

A history of punk and metal fusion, from Motörhead to Metallica

Nov. 20, 1980, after-dinner hour: England’s eyes were focused on Top Of The Pops, BBC’s long-running pop program, as they had every Thursday evening since the first day of 1964. In the middle of the rundown of the U.K.’s 30 best-selling singles appeared this apparition, resembling black leather Visigoths from a Hell’s Angels fever dream. […]

14 best punk albums of 2005, from Fall Out Boy to Against Me!

2005 began with a sick hangover, otherwise known as facing four more years of President George W. Bush’s administration, compounded by the erroneous war in Iraq. And that queasy stomach and headache never subsided. Is it any wonder the year’s best punk music was overwhelmingly bright and cheerful, even if it pounded like a jackhammer? […]
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