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Warner Music Group is bringing live music to the metaverse

The Sandbox has announced a partnership with Warner Music Group (WGM) to create a concert venue within the notable metaverse platform. The space will be part virtual venue, part amusement park, and will host concerts and live experiences from artists represented by WMG. Read more: What are NFTs actually used for? A guide, from art […]

10 bands you might not have discovered without Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz was one of the most prolific artists to emerge from the 2000s alternative scene. But did you know that he also catalyzed the meteoric rise of a number of our favorite bands? The Fall Out Boy bassist launched his Fueled By Ramen imprint, Decaydance Records, in 2005 and quickly started accumulating a roster of soon-to-be icons. Though rebranded in […]

Republic Records will stop using the term “urban” to describe genres

Republic Records is currently one of the most powerful labels in North America. This week, Universal Music Group, which owns Republic, announced its pledge to donate $25 million to social justice organizations in support of Black Lives Matter. Now, Republic is taking a progressive step towards eliminating terms that show marginalization in music. The label […]

Sony Music pledges $100M to social justice and anti-racism initiatives

Sony Music is pledging a $100 million fund towards social justice and anti-racism organizations with immediate donations for organizations fighting for equal rights happening. CEO and Chairman of Sony Music Group Rob Stringer says in their announcement that they’re taking “action accordingly with our community fully involved” in how funds are being distributed. Read More: ‘Riverdale’ […]

Universal Music Group pledges $25 million for a social justice task force

After calls from the Weeknd for major labels and streaming services to donate to organizations involved in social justice and ending racism, Universal Music Group is revealing a $25 million “Change Fund” and a Task Force for Meaningful Change (TFMC). According to Rolling Stone who obtained a letter to colleagues from the company, several executives are addressing six areas of focus […]

WMG reveals vague $100M social equity fund after the Weeknd’s request

Warner Music Group is announcing it is donating $100 million towards charitable causes for the music industry, social justice and organizations fighting violence and racism. The decision comes after the music industry participated in Blackout Tuesday in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement and Toronto R&B star the Weeknd‘s call out for the three major music labels […]

Warner Music signs new deal, lets Facebook users share videos with licensed music

[Photo by: Warner Music Group/Facebook] A surefire way to get a video on Facebook taken down is posting content with background music that you don't own the rights to. To combat the amount of videos getting taken down due to this very reason, the popular social networking site has been working toward licensing deals with […]