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The Fine Bros. have become known for putting teen's musical knowledge to the test, and this time they take on 2000s music from bands like Green Day and Plain White T's.

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One of the first songs the teens listen to is Plain White T's 2005 track, "Hey There Delilah," and fortunately, all of the kids know the song. Sadly for Plain White T's, only half can name the band.

"This is a silent banger; this is my anthem," one teen says in response to the track, while another comments, "This is like middle school crush song."

We completely understand.

What's most surprising are the teen's reactions to "Wake Me Up When September Ends" from Green Day's 2004 record, American Idiot.

Some of them just can not place the band, a few surmising, "I'm getting Linkin Park vibes" and "This sounds very Foo Fighter-y." 

Did the meme teach them nothing?!

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Watch the video in full below!

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