Who knew singing about unfaithfulness could be so much fun? Below, watch the 1975's Matty Healy do just that as he moves among a tapestry of visages in the kaleidoscopic new music video for recent jam "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME."

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Flanked by a flurry of photogenic young people, Healy alternates between his staple black suit and a white tank while singing and dancing along to the firecracker single from the group that posits a modern-day malaise in monogamy.

The infidelity-themed smash from the English rockers premiered two weeks ago, following "Love It If We Made It" and "Give Yourself A Try." All point to an eventual drop of the band's upcoming LP, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.

And after the uplifting guise of "Give Yourself A Try" and dastardly deeds dusted in "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME," you'd be faultless to think such themes are important pieces of the 1975 puzzle. But Healy recently told DIY Magazine that he flip-flops on the importance of meaningful messages in music.

"I want music to be important or I want music to be really, really good," he said. "So music can say something and that's amazing, or music can just be really, really good and it doesn’t have to do both things at the same time."

What do you think of the vivid new music video from the 1975? Does it say something important, or is it just “really, really good,” or both? Sound off in the comments!

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