Today, AltPress is premiering the new video from Florida rock brigade THE DEV, “Queen Of The Damned.” Fronted by commanding and demanding lead singer Nikollaj, the quintet deliver the riffs, as well as a message that permeates both their music and their name.

“Our name definitely has a significant meaning for a purpose,” Nikollaj explains. “The  Desired Evolutionary Vision is a philosophical term or phase created to inspire one’s journey. It stands for what, where and who do you wanna be. An intrinsic thought process of personal growth. Whether an artist or whatever field you’re in, you have to have a vision of where you want to go and want you want to evolve into.” Hence, the band’s growing fandom is deemed “The DEVoted.”

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Nikollaj feels blessed by some of the comments she’s received at DEV shows. It’s one thing to be blessed by a dude-you-rock compliment followed by a high-five. She cuts a strong, powerful figure onstage, and many women at DEV gigs have acknowledged her talent, charisma and confidence.

I want to inspire women to take what they want,” Nikollaj continues. “Never settle or be second best. Whether it’s a relationship or in life, go for yours. I don't dwell on negativity. There are always gonna be those toxic people who wanna bring you down with their insecurities. When I meet someone DEVoted and they share stories of how our art has empowered or inspired them, that's all that matters.

“The comments that hit home are from people driving long distances to see us, saying we were the reason they got out of the house,” she says. “As much as we do it because we love it, the reward is being able to elicit emotions and feelings in others, just like how our favorite artists inspire us. Having THE DEVoted drive long distances and share their time with us is something we truly cherish and are ever thankful for.” 

Turn the volume up on your device and check out “Queen Of The Damned” below.