Back in 2003, the mysterious group The Network signed to Billie Joe Armstrong's record label Adeline Records and released their debut album. Since then, Green Day fans have always theorized that the band are actually Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.

Now, it looks like The Network are back with new music nearly 17 years after their first album Money Money 2020. However, Armstrong is further confusing fans about the band's true identity.

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Nearly 17 years ago, fans first began speculating that The Network are really Green Day in disguise. It's believed that Armstrong is actually the Network's frontman "Fink" while Dint is "Van Gough" and Tre Cool is "The Snoo." As well, it's also rumored that frequent Green Day collaborators Jason White and Jason Freese play in the band as guitarist "Captain Underpants" and keyboardist "Z."

Now, it looks like we may finally know who the members of The Network actually are. Last week, The Network reemerged on social media and began teasing new music with a cryptic trailer.


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Then, on Monday, The Network unveiled a chaotic video for one of their new songs that is off of the forthcoming Money Money 2020 Part II. Although all of the members wore masks to protect their identities, eagle-eyed fans spotted some of Armstrong's tattoos on his hands and arms. The details further confirm the theories that The Network are actually Green Day.


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Although most fans think that The Network are really Green Day, Armstrong still decided to further confuse and tease fans about the band's identity this week.

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He took to his Instagram to share various hints and comments from fans who think The Network may really be members of Fall Out Boy, blink-182 or Weezer.

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Despite Armstrong's attempt to protect the identities of The Network, Mike Dirnt seemingly revealed that Green Day are actually the secret band years ago. Back in 2013, he confirmed to Rolling Stone that Green Day wrote and recorded the mysterious group's debut album.

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"Because we were working so hard, since [2004’s] American Idiot," he said. "We haven’t stopped moving forward: the [2003] Network record, Foxboro Hot Tubs, the [American Idiot] musical, the live records, 21st Century Breakdown. There is so much stuff we have written and done, in between records, that hasn’t even come out. I look at it and go, 'What kind of pace is that?' Anybody would crack under half of that."

Regardless of the true identities behind The Network, it looks like fans are in for even more music from the band in the next few months.

As for Green Day, they are helping out voters waiting at polling stations this week. The band's coffee brand Oakland Coffee Works has teamed up with World Central Kitchen to hand out a staggering 10,000 cups to voters in Oakland.

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