Fans of The Office are in for some bad news as the show could be leaving Netflix in the coming years.

Reports say the hit comedy show could be headed for NBC's newly planned streaming service when its licensing contract ends.

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The show is currently one of Netflix's most watched shows but their contract for the show ends in 2021.

The Wall Street Journal says internal discussions about acquiring The Office started at NBC as they prepare their streaming service. The network could also aim at getting licensing for fellow NBC show Friends which is Netflix's second highest ranked show.

NBC announced at the beginning of 2019 they would be entering the streaming service competition with a free ad-supported service for anyone that subscribes to a traditional TV service. There will also be a payment option for those who don't have cable costing around $12 each month.

Starting in 2020, the service will be streaming shows like Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation plus over 1,500 hours of other NBC TV shows.

The network's plan to provide the service for free is contingent on getting deals with the largest pay-TV providers. While those deals haven't been confirmed yet, they don't expect any problems doing so as the service will be free.

This could give a huge advantage to NBC as they expect 30 million or 40 million users to be included instead of starting at zero subscribers.

NBC's streaming service comes as other media giants like Amazon and Disney are launching their own streaming sites.

Earlier this month, Disney revealed the price, release date and list of shows available under its streaming service, Disney+. Their service will be arriving in November, just a few months before NBC is expected to launch their platform.

Will you subscribe to NBC's streaming service if they get their hands on The Office? Let us know in the comments below.

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