Aiden's Last Sunrise tour, their final U.S. headlining tour, concludes this weekend on Saturday Nov. 21, 2015 in the band's hometown Seattle. 

In this APTV interview, we appointed William's tourmate Ashestoangels vocalist Adam Crilly as an honorary correspondent to talk Aiden's legacy, history, complicated relationship with the music industry, motivation behind putting out a final album, touring again and more.

"I never wanted [Some Kind Of Hate] to be the final album, but I needed to move on and do William Control and those other guys needed jobs—regular incomes," William explains of the decision to release a final Aiden record. "It started before I even started writing it. I always knew I was going to put out another Aiden record." 

"I feel a tremendous sense of closure," he says.

With this interview, we give a bittersweet goodbye to a band that fought to survive the unlucky hands they were dealt, influenced a whole new generation of dark punk and were able to end on their own terms.



Video/Editing: Bobby Makar

Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt

Interview: Adam Crilly / Cassie Whitt


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Nov 18 - Mystery Box - Los Angeles, CA 

Nov 19 - Metro - Oakland, CA

Nov 21 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA


Jan 18 - The Cathouse - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Jan 20 - The Key Club - Leeds, United Kingdom 

Jan 21 - The Rainbow Courtyard - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Jan 25 - The Hub - Plymouth, United Kingdom 

Jan 26 - The Scene - Swansea, United Kingdom 

Jan 29 - Underworld - London, United Kingdom