Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate, the Dead Rabbitts) and Tyler “Telle” Smith (The Word Alive) take you through their extended intertwined history and talk about the unlikely friendships bands make on the road in part one of three in our latest artist-on-artist conversation.

“I remember being young and walking around and seeing the older bands that I was listening to when I was trying to get into music and being like, ‘How do they all know each other? This is crazy,” says Mabbitt. “And now I know why, because I’ve probably toured with a lot of these bands 15 times, it seems like.”

“The music industry is so much smaller than you think when you’re either not in it or just getting started,” says Smith. “You think that it’s impossible for you to ever become acquaintances or friends with or meet all these people.”

They express the importance of touring for young bands and how it acts as a natural tool that brings artists together as well as people they thought they would never have met in their lives, like Bert McCracken from the Used and Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath and Sleepwave.

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