APTV’s Josh Bernstein caught up with the Pink Slips’ 18-year-old frontwoman Grace McKagan backstage at Aftershock 2015.

In this video, Bernstein addresses the band’s outrageous performance wherein McKagan was doused in blood on stage. “I got inspired by Alice Cooper a lot and Ziggy Stardust and Iggy Pop, and I guess all those [converged] and I thought, ‘Blood, let’s do it.’”

The singer goes on to elaborate on her inspirations. “I just feel like I really connect with them, especially because they glorify the underdog and the dark aspects of life, and I just feel like I identify with that rather than today’s pop stars that are just like, ‘I’m so pretty, look at me,’” McKagan explains. “I just feel like I identify with people who are raw and full of emotion on stage.”

Watch the video for more details on McKagan’s other idols and future music from the Pink Slips!

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