Billy Chevalier, the mustached wild man behind the drum kit of bouncy Emo power trio Tiny Moving Parts, recently wrecked himself with five and a half pounds of cheese, starch and carbs at the legendary Cleveland restaurant chain Melt Bar & Grilled.

Chevalier took the Melt Challenge—a gargantuan feat of feast that includes 12 different cheeses, three pieces of bread, a heap of cole slaw and a enough French fries to feed a family of four. It’s a challenge that Melt owner, Matt Fish, says has a 91% failure rate and something he was confident Chevalier wasn’t hungry enough to tackle.

Watch as Billy Chevalier attempts to dazzle his band mates with his daredevil digestive dexterity—facing impossible portions of Parmesan and becoming increasingly lactose intolerant by the minute.