It's the end of an era. Today is officially the last day you will be able to buy CDs at Best Buy, as they are pulling the discs from their shelves July 1st.

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Back in February, we reported that the tech giant would be phasing out the products due to steadily declining sales over the years.

According to Loudwire, approximately 62 percent of the total music market is now made up of streaming services. Physical sales only account for around 16 percent of the overall revenues.

Though CDs will not be sold, customers will still be able to purchase vinyl records from the store for at least the next two years, Best Buy following through on a commitment to their vendors.

Seeing as Best Buy followed through on their promise, Target may be next to phase out CDs. In February, they gave an ultimatum to both their music and video suppliers trying to shift inventory risk back to the labels. If the wholesale companies don't abide to the new terms, Target may slowly phase out CDs and DVDs as well.

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