If you've ever wanted a subtle way to show your love for Tom DeLonge, look no further.

Three companies - Screaming Pinfidelities, Dead Disco and Neoteric Supply - have teamed up for the "Stay Together For The Pins" giveaway. The giveaway features three DeLonge-inspired enamel pins from his blink-182 days.

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Earlier this week, one DeLonge fan decided to show their love for the Angels & Airwaves frontman in the form of a cake. For a recent episode of the Great British Bake Off, the contestant made a 3D cake of DeLonge's face that caught the attention of the internet for all of the wrong reasons.

For those out there that want to represent DeLonge, but lack skills in the kitchen, this giveaway is for you. The giveaway features three DeLonge-inspired enamel pins that are a true throwback.

The first is a pin of Boomer from the legendary "First Date" video. With his shaggy hair and iconic handlebar mustache, it's hard to mistake the character from the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket-era video.

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The next pin is one of DeLonge's iconic guitars. The blue Fender Stratocaster was used by DeLonge various times over the years. Finally, the last pin pays tribute to an old blink-182 song and DeLonge's current work with To The Stars Academy.

The pin says "I'm not like you," a reference to blink-182's Enema Of The State hit "Aliens Exist." The pin is also a nod to DeLonge's ongoing UFO research. He recently opened up about some of his theories and why aliens may have been present for the birth of Jesus.

To enter the enamel pin giveaway, you need to follow @deaddisco.co@neotericsupplyco and @screamingpinfidelities on Instagram. As well, you need to like the Tom DeLonge enamel pin post on each of their accounts and tag a friend who loves pop-punk on any of the three accounts.

For those wanting to go the extra mile, you can earn an extra giveaway entry if you share the post on your Instagram story. The giveaway ends after midnight on Sept. 26 and the winner will receive a direct message.

And, for fun, watch Tom DeLonge as Boomer in "First Date" below.

Which Tom DeLonge enamel pin do you want the most? Let us know in the comments below.