Tom DeLonge is as surprised as the rest of us that the US government acknowledged the UFO videos his research group To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences unearthed, but most of all he's surprised it took some people as long as it did to see them.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he says he "can’t believe we pulled this off" and that there's still more to come.

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“It’s wild,” says DeLonge at the beginning of the article. “I can’t believe we pulled this off. It’s a big deal, and so much more is coming. I think people need to buckle up.”

Speaking about his reaction to the Department Of Defense acknowledging the videos, he said he was shocked it took so long.

"My first reaction was how many people didn’t see when the Navy acknowledged the videos were real, the objects were real, and UFOs were real. That all happened a year ago. And then before that, the New York Times blasted out that UFOs were real and the Pentagon was studying them, so it’s funny that this came out now, with the Department of Defense, which is obviously higher than the Navy. It just shows you how much news is out there and how many people are out there, and how much work we have to do.

I did not see it coming, but I do know some of the inside leaks that are happening at the Pentagon. And they’re not allowed to lie, and basically we caught them dealing with something, and now they’re forced to recognize it and acknowledge it. They do work for us. They’re like, “Alright it’s time to start talking about it because Tom and his rascals are putting our feet to the fire,” you know? I think it’s something we should all be focusing on right now, because it’s a big, big thing that’s gonna change the world as we know it."

Of the videos available, DeLonge says the Gimbal video is his favorite. The Gimbal video depicts a 2015 Navy-U.F.O. encounter pulled from nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt near the Florida coast.

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He mentions knowing the technology from that video isn't something humans are capable of at the moment and that it's the clearest showing of the UFOs. Speaking on his first time seeing it, Tom DeLonge says he had never seen a UFO that clearly before.

"My heart sank to my chest because of the clarity of that thing. You see things like this on the internet sometimes, but you have no idea where it came from. There’s no confirmation of anything, because usually they leak out of places where people just make them in their bedroom. This one, I knew exactly where it came from. The New York Times went and did all its work on it and was able to prove that it was real, so looking at it for the first time, I was like, “Oh my God, this is the real deal.” I have never seen a UFO that clear before."

DeLonge also ended up speaking on Donald Trump's recent comments on the videos.

"I know that he’s been briefed. He’s talked about the fact that he’s had a briefing. I tend to wonder when he says things like, “I don’t particularly know these are real or not.”

He says these kinds of words that seem like he knows a lot more than he acts. I don’t talk to the President, I just know that he got briefed. I know that it was a big briefing and I think whatever his reasons are for saying the things he’s saying are probably because behind the scenes, there’s a lot more discussions on how to best handle this with the public. So you know, I’m excited that he mentioned it again, because I think it helps."

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Last year, DeLonge's research group announced a new partnership with the U.S. Army to collaborate on future UFO research which led to the release of videos of “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

They released three videos in December 2017 and March 2018 which the U.S. Navy confirmed to The Black Vault in September 2019 that they considered the “phenomena contained/depicted in those videos as unidentified.”

DeLonge later said in a Rolling Stone interview that he was surprised the Navy took his videos seriously and identified the objects as “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

In a report released by CNN, the Pentagon officially re-released the videos previously unveiled by DeLonge’s research group. You can see them for yourself below.

You can read the full interview with Rolling Stone here.

What do you think of Tom DeLonge's comments on the UFO videos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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