Just when you think you’re a die-hard fan who knows every single word to your favorite band’s songs, you come across the dreaded lyric video at 4 a.m. Before you know it, you’re having an existential crisis over the lines. “You mean to say I’ve been singing it wrong the whole time?” Yes, yes you have. But don’t worry, we have been, too. Here are just 10 hilariously misheard lyrics that fit their songs almost too perfectly.

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The Story So Far - “Quicksand”

What we hear: “But I’d rather gamble lose all in French toast”
What it is: “But I’d rather gamble lose all and face death”

“French toast” makes absolutely no sense, but for some reason, we never questioned it. It doesn’t even sound like “face death,” so it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that this the Story So Far lyric is so much deeper than its funny counterpart.

nothing,nowhere. - “nevermore”

What we hear: “I guess I goth what I asked for”
What it is: “I guess I got what I asked for”

When alternative rapper nothing,nowhere. wrote this, he probably didn’t expect people to mix up “got” and “goth.” But, we mean, we’ll take both. Listen for yourself.

The Wonder Years - “Came Out Swinging”

What we hear: “I guess you’d call this progression/I got a rim job and a girlfriend”
What it is: “I guess you’d call this regression/I left a real job and a girlfriend”

Honestly, if it weren’t for blink-182, we would probably hold pop-punk artists to an elevated standard for lyrical composition. This track from the Wonder Years is so dynamic, fast-paced and angsty, you can’t blame us for getting the words wrong.

Fall Out Boy - “Sugar, We’re Goin Down”

What we hear: Drop a whore, break a leg/We're always sleeping in Mississippi for the wrong teen”
What it is: “Drop a heart, break a name/We're always sleeping in and we're sleeping for the wrong team”

While this track may be the Fall Out Boy song with the strongest potential for misheard lyrics, the alt-rock band are notorious for mumbling. Don’t believe us? Here’s an entire video dedicated to misheard FOB lyrics:


My Chemical Romance - “The Sharpest Lives”

What we hear: “‘Cause I love all the boys with a way with the boys in the band”
What it is: “‘Cause I love all the poison away with the boys in the band”

After all, who would have a better way with boys in bands than a boy in a band himself? We’ve been thinking this song was an LGBTQ anthem for 12 years now. But guess what? It’s not.