AP is teaming up with Nashville pop-punk trio Treading Water to premiere their second EP, Made Of Something. 

Building upon a foundation of distinct early 2000s pop punk and emo akin to Taking Back Sunday and blink-182, Treading Water meld their own brand by putting a modern spin on their influences.

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Made Of Something is an introspective look into overcoming lost love and exploring self-growth, expanding on difficult-yet-relatable themes and owning up to their mistakes and insecurities. From triumphant moments to heartfelt confessions of loss and defeat, the EP conveys a wide range of emotions through its honest lyricism. 

Late last month, the band released their first single, “Catholic Guilt,” introducing their upbeat nature with a bright, anthemic chorus accompanied by bouncy guitar riffs. Blurring the line between sentimental and optimistic, tracks such as “Goodbye” leave the listener in a rubble of emotions, upheld by tender pianos and emo-influenced guitar licks. Yet, they don’t shy away from stepping into darker territory with energetic, hard-rock tunes such as “Old States” and “Caffeine Headaches,” displaying a variety of stylistic influences. 

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Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Treading Water formed in 2014. After going through lineup changes, the trio found their sound and released their debut EP, New Sun, in 2016. Following up their debut EP with standalone singles “Roseman” and “Went To Hell,” they finally return from refining their sound with their latest, Made Of Something. 

Made Of Something is out July 26. 

You can exclusively stream Made Of Something below. 

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