twenty one pilots have a reputation for hiding Easter eggs in basically everything they do.

Now, fans think that the duo hid another Dema clue in their live set. Recently, a video from one of their performance resurfaced and shows Tyler Joseph briefly in a red hood.

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twenty one pilots fans are quick to solve the Easter eggs and clues Joseph and Josh Dun throw at them. Most recently, they solved the duo's "Level of Concern" scavenger hunt in record time.

However, sometimes, subtle clues are missed and discovered later on. Recently, a video from a twenty one pilots set emerged on TikTok. During the video, the hoodie Joseph is wearing briefly turns red. The moment is so brief that if you blink, you'll probably miss it.

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Now, obviously, the red hood symbolism is nothing new in twenty one pilots' music. One of the first references to the red hood is seen in the "Jumpsuit" video. Many theorize that the red color of the hood is in reference to Blurryface, an era twenty one pilots left behind to start the Trench era.

Fans also theorize that red hoods symbolize the Bishops found in Dema. We learned more about the Bishops in one of Clancy's letters. Clancy describes being held captive as a servant to the Bishops. The Bishops represent the hierarchy of religion, depression, solitude, hopelessness and Dema as a whole.

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“The force I saw between him and his bishop seemed tense to me, and frightening. But the memory of that exchange has had time to fester and replay in my mind long enough that I’m questioning if I even remembered it correctly. I assumed the bishop was forcefully retrieving his subject, but I now wonder if the bishop was actually trying to save him, and he refused.

I stayed out there for five days after I watched it happened. I haven’t seen him since. Maybe he got away, and was still out in Trench with me. Maybe the bishop chased him down, and brought him home."

Since the video clip was shared on TikTok, fans have theories about what the red hood could mean. Some believe that the appearance of the red hood is a nod to the Blurryface era while others think its an Easer egg for the Bishops. Especially given the way Joseph is holding out his hands, fans think this action further supports the idea that it's referencing the Bishops.

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Other fans, however, think the moment might just be a coincidence with the lighting. As we all know though, nothing is ever just coincidence for twenty one pilots.

I found this on tiktok and was wondering if it seems purposeful, because I can't tell from r/twentyonepilots

What do you think the red hood in twenty one pilots' live set means? Let us know in the comments below.