It's been nearly two months since twenty one pilots released “Level Of Concern,” their first new piece of music since 2018's Trench. However, fans are still finding new references and hints hidden within the new single.

Fans recently took to Reddit to share nods they found in the retro “Level Of Concern” lyric video which reference twenty one pilots’ previous album eras.

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twenty one pilots are known for leaving hints in their music. Nearly two years later, the Clique are still continuing to find new Easter eggs hidden in the music and visual content for Trench. Tyler Joseph even said in an interview that fans still haven't found all of the Easter eggs regarding the world of Dema.

Now, fans are discussing some subtle nods in the “Level Of Concern” lyric video. Originally released at the end of May, the video features animated versions of the band on ’80s Macintosh computers created by Pinot W. Ichwandardi and his family.

In one of the Reddit posts, u/mydude311 pointed out that throughout the lyric video, there are various representations of twenty one pilots’ previous albums.

The most prominent detail is the physical formats of each of their albums. Their 2013 album Vessel is shown as vinyl. 2015’s Blurryface is seen in cassette form and 2018's Trench and “Level Of Concern” are floppy discs. Some fans believe these details reveal when the albums’ stories occur based on which old format they are shown as.

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However, it should be noted that the “Level Of Concern” cover art also features a USB that was released after floppy discs. As well, the lyric video features graphics made on '80s Macintosh computers. These details also offer different timeline representations for the new single.

Really cool easter egg in Level Of Concern lyric video from r/twentyonepilots

In a separate Reddit thread, other fans noticed quite a few Blurryface references in the video. Along with the cassette, someone noticed a Blurryface hat. The inclusion of these Blurryface references, and the other albums, could be hinting at twenty one pilots' future music. Some believe that twenty one pilots may include the past subjects and stories found on these albums in their next release.

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did anyone else notice the blurryface cassette in the video and just all the blurryface things in general? from r/twentyonepilots

Watch the "Level Of Concern" lyric video below and see if you can spot the hidden nods.

twenty one pilots have been keeping quiet about the content on their next album. However, Joseph did reveal that fans can expect their next album sooner than anticipated. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, twenty one pilots have had more time at home to work on new music. Because of this, the writing for their album has progressed further than originally expected.

Alongside working on new music, Josh Dun and Debby Ryan recently revealed that they had a secret wedding at the end of last year. Exclusive photos from their special day were released on Vogue. Fans first speculated their secret marriage after the two appeared with wedding rings in the “Level Of Concern” music video.

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Did you spot the hidden nods in the “Level Of Concern” music video? Let us know what you found in the comments below.

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