twenty one pilots just released their fifth full-length Trench at the end of last week, but a batch of new tunes doesn’t mean the Clique isn’t still pining for physical copies of the band’s self-titled debut.

Twenty One Pilots was self-released in 2009 by a lineup consisting of current frontman Tyler Joseph as well as former bassist Nick Thomas and drummer Chris Salih. While the album can be streamed across Spotify, Apple Music and more, fans still hope to snag a physical copy. There was even a petition launched two years ago (as if you needed any more convincing how serious the Clique are about this).

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Yesterday, Joseph and Josh Dun surprised fans with a reddit AMA where they gave insight on Trench and made way too many jokes. Among all of the fan questions, one trend included a plea for a self-titled re-release.

“Will we ever be able to buy physical copies of self-titled again?” user TheShadyRelapse asks. “As I really love that album and to have a physical copy of it would be amazing seeing how much it costs on eBay to buy one.”

eBay’s high prices are no joke (which currently range from $850 to $1,200), and it looks like Joseph has an idea of that when calculating his response.

“Definitely wouldn’t rule it out, but it’s not in our near future plans,” he says. “I have a hard copy myself that I’m looking to sell to make a bunch of money some day. But if some were made, that value would drop significantly.”

twenty one pilots self titled plans 001

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Dun also got in on the joke when asked about the quantity of yellow duct tape the duo have used throughout the Trench era thus far.

“We’re thinking about reissuing a bunch of hard copies of the self-titled record to pay for all of the rolls we have already gone through,” he says. “It’s a lot.”

twenty one pilots self titled tape 002

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Not all hope is lost for fans of the self-titled, however, as one user asks the duo what their favorite track from it is. One of them then let it slip that “Taxi Cab” may or may not be on the setlist.

twenty one pilots self titled taxi cab 003

[Photo via reddit][/caption]Not everyone was here for the self-titled, however, as one user asked about their 2011 self-released sophomore effort Regional At Best. This was their final independent record before signing to Fueled By Ramen. While many of its tracks were re-released on their 2013 label debut Vessel, many fans still hope for a RAB reprint. However, given the band’s “Regional of what?” response, that doesn’t look too promising.

twenty one pilots regional at best 004

[Photo via reddit][/caption]What do you think about talk of a self-titled reprint? Sound off in the comments.