If you thought singing karaoke in front of a room full of strangers was intimidating, wait until you check out Twitch’s new free to play game, Twitch Sings.

The streaming service’s latest allows you to perform in front of thousands of viewers or enjoy others belting out hits.

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Starting off with 2,000 available songs (with more possibly to come), the features allow you to put together duets with friends, complete challenges for rewards and support your favorite streamers as part of the in-game crowd.

The game was developed by Twitch along with Harmonix Music Systems, known for creating other music and rhythm games, such as Rock Band and Dance Central.

The new game builds off Twitch’s “IRL” streaming options, which now includes “Music & Performing Arts” along with other live-action streaming options, such as board games and even ASMR.

You won’t need any gaming equipment for Twitch Sings, either. The game promotes a user-friendly format that allows streamers to play in-app, eliminating a gaming console or PC requirement.

You can check out a teaser for the game below and download Twitch Sings here.
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Hopefully the app will be enough to keep streamers awake, a problem we’ve seen with one particular streamer a few months back.

Twitch streamer JesseDStreams fell asleep for three hours doing a livestream and woke up to a surprise. A really good one.

As Mashable notes, there were 200 people watching as he slept. As creepy as it might sound, the situation is actually pretty cool. It proved he’s popular enough that people were willing to wait for him to wake up and go back to streaming the game.

However, there’s something even better: Fans kept interacting in the chat while he slept. They weren’t only posting comments and wondering what was happening; they were also sending donations.

That’s a pretty cool sight to wake up to, isn’t it? He thought so, and you can watch his reaction in a clip below that shows the moment he wakes up and sees what has been going on in the livestream.

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