The 2000s scene nostalgia is real. However, while our "phases" may have never ended, we tend to look back on the era with a limited scope.

It's no wonder that popular tracks by favorites such as Three Days Grace and Linkin Park stand at the forefront of our memories. After all, we could barely turn on the radio without hearing "Pain" or "Breaking The Habit." Still, there are a number of incredible songs that aren't as actively recognized.

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Here are 10 of our favorite songs by 2000s alternative bands that we think are totally underrated.

Paramore – “Fences”

Let’s be honest: Every song by Paramore is deserving of significant and continued attention. Still, when the conversation turns to the Riot! era, only a few tracks tend to be referenced. Those are “Misery Business,” “That’s What You Get” and “crushcrushcrush.” We’re here to say that “Fences” deserves to stand among their ranks. Between the catchy hooks and jazzy bassline, the song is both a standout from their discography and the larger scene.

The Academy Is… – “Black Mamba”

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any song by the Academy Is… that you don’t want to sing along to. Classic pop-punk energy aside, their lyrics are just so relatable. It’s really no surprise that we’re still singing songs such as “The Phrase That Pays” and “About A Girl.” Where’s all the love for “Black Mamba,” though? If any song is a beacon of familiar experience and inspiration, it’s the one that lashes out against critics. Just try to tell us that belting the lines “If you don't like it take a long walk/Off of the shortest pier you can find” isn’t immediately therapeutic.

Panic! At The Disco – “Build God, Then We’ll Talk”

Contrary to what some might argue after Brendon Urie’s mainstream success, there’s no such thing as an overrated Panic! At The Disco song. This scene icon has been putting out masterpieces ever since their debut, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. That’s not to say the tracks that have maintained their continued popularity are the best of the best, though. Otherwise, “Build God, Then We’ll Talk” would have to be among their most streamed on Spotify. Between the whimsical air, vivid narrative and unexpected cello solo, we can’t believe this song doesn’t get ranked higher among the band's discography. 

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My Chemical Romance – “Cemetery Drive”

My Chemical Romance are well known for their painfully evocative melodies and lyrics. Given their poignance, it’s no wonder that “Welcome To The Black Parade” and “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” have persisted as emo anthems through the years. If there’s any song that should stand with them on that pedestal (besides, of course, “Helena”), we’d nominate “Cemetery Drive.” Between its energetic but chilling instrumentals and edgy lines, it’s a wonder this song isn’t backed by the same fame.

blink-182 – “Easy Target”

Apologies in advance because this whole song will be stuck in your head within five seconds of pressing play. We can’t imagine anyone made it through the 2000s without listening to blink-182’s Untitled album in its entirety, so it’s shocking that “Easy Target” isn’t a larger point of nostalgia. Though arguably less moving than favorites such as “I Miss You” and “Feeling This,” the track’s just so prime to get your heart racing.

Boys Like Girls – “Learning To Fall”

Think of Boys Like Girls and your mind will likely go to “The Great Escape” and “Five Minutes To Midnight.” We can’t fault you. Those tracks were staples of any scene kid’s iPod. Their whole self-titled debut album is full of reminiscent bangers, though. Of all of them, we’re most surprised that “Learning To Fall” isn’t remembered more readily. With its heartbreaking lyrics, this song should’ve been one of the bigger emo tracks of the decade. Just try getting past the line “I don't wanna know that you know/It should have been me” without feeling an ounce of hurt.

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Evanescence – “Cloud Nine”

It’s hardly shocking that songs such as “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal” have remained popular over the years. Evanescence just know how to write songs that are simultaneously timeless and emblematic of their surroundings. Nevertheless, some of their songs are less prominent in the scene’s collective memory. “Cloud Nine” is one that’s deserving of so much more recognition. Between the complexity of Amy Lee’s vocal melodies and the dark, layered backing, this track showcases everything the band have ever had to offer.

Metro Station – “California”

It’s damn near impossible to pick out a Metro Station song that doesn’t slap. All of their most memorable songs, obviously including “Shake It” and “Kelsey,” more than earned their success. Their whole self-titled album should be a regular point of nostalgia, though. Most notably, “California” deserves all the recognition in the world for its extreme catchiness and danceability. Plus, the lyrics are so damn cute...

Fall Out Boy – “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago”

Fall Out Boy were best known in the 2000s scene for From Under The Cork Tree and Infinity On High. However, their debut album, Take This To Your Grave, was a totally underrated pop-punk masterpiece in comparison. Given that the tracks “Dead On Arrival” and “Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy” have received some continued recognition, we can’t be too upset, but the album still deserves more love. Case in point: “Chicago Is So Two Years Ago.” The track is pared down in relation to the dynamic style the band later adopted, which really allows Patrick Stump’s energy and powerful lyrics to shine. 

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All Time Low – “Shameless”

Given All Time Low’s totally stacked discography, it’s no surprise that some killer tracks have fallen to the wayside. While “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and “Weightless” deserve every one of their millions of streams, we can’t help but wonder how “Shameless” isn’t up there with them. Besides being near impossible not to sing along with, the song is so emblematic of prime 2000s pop punk. 

Which 2000s songs do you think are vastly underrated? Let us know in the comments!